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Park High Pyrenees

Park Hight Pyrenees

The Natural Park of the Pyrenees is a good example of compatibility between exceptional natural, cultural and landscaping values. The popularity of Àreu is that it's the greatest superficie in number of hectareas of all the park. That allows innumerable routes, with different levels of difficulty, simple plains as Boet, Costuix, Forest or more advanced (tops, lakes, ports...).

We were surrounded by the tops and the highest lakes of Catalonia with the reference of Pica d'Estats (3,143 ms) in the first place, without forgetting tops like Sotllo, Red Goad, recondite Monteixo... the lake like Aixeus, Baiau, Baborte, Areste... This surroundings allow becomes an ideal destiny to find the tranquillity that makes lack to carry out all these adventures.

Virós Forest's

The forest of Virós is one of the most extensive and important forests of Catalonia within the frame of the Natural Park of the Pyrenean Stop, where it will be able to enjoy the tranquillity and the wealth of the plants and the animals. Winter one becomes fabulous complemented tracks of sky of bottom with a series of activities, like exits with rackets and sleighs with dogs... all that to be able to enjoy a different way the snow. In summer we left to passage to the adventure sports as circuits of BTT or magnificent routes.

From the population of Àreu it is possible to be acceded to the different tracks from ski of the region, as Port Ainé, Tavescan, Espot and Bonaigua.

GR-11 Route

Signalized route that crosses the Pyrenean Stop longitudinally. It begins in the Cabo de Higuer (Higer Lubesoa-Guipúzcoa) and finishes in the Cabo de Creus, happening through earth of Euskadi, Navarre, Aragón, Andorra and Catalonia. Having a stopping point in our population, Agrave;reu.

The Park:

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  • Walking tour to the Forest Plan and Boet
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