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The vertical mile

Mountain race follow the sun (The Vertical Mile)

This is the first mile vertical. Proof that can be scored in the Catalan Cup of high mountain races. It is about leaving the plaza de Àreu at sunset (1220m) and climb to the summit of Monteixo (2905m) before the sun is hiding Everyone who is trapped by the shadow must retreat. It is a distance of 4000m with an uneven difference of 1685m. Las Piedras de Pep Coll, located in the town of Malpui, which could also be compared to Àreu.

The legend explains that on the eve of the big party he went to a solo career where only single men could participate. They left the square when the shadow came and it was about to reach the top before the sun was hiding. The winner had the right to choose a young single for every day of the big party. The first Saturday of June turns into a fun-festive party, where the whole weekend participates people of the town and surroundings to offer a pleasant environment, with a small handicraft market and different types of activities to brighten up the party.

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