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Skiing and snowshoeing

The snow in the Vall Ferrera

As our hotel is located at 1.200 metres high and the snow is present in many areas in Winter, our visitors can enjoy from a wide range of activities in order to take pleasure in the snow. Among these, snowshoe hiking through magnificient landscapes, mountain skiing routes to places such as Cim del Monteixo and La Pica d’Estats. We provide guides to help you with the most appropriate route.

The distances from our hotel to the ski resorts by car are very near. El bosc de Virós is a cross-country ski resort where our guests can reach it by car till half way of the journey, then a 4WD vehicle of resort will lift them to the ski resort. Tabascan is another nearby ski resort where cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing and snowboarding can be practised. As well as Espot ski resort located at 30 minutes from the hotel with Alpine ski slopes;Port Ainé at 40 minutes and Baqueira at 50 minutes.

Mountain skiing tours in La Vall Ferrera:

Mountain skiing provides you a wide range of acitivities in La Vall Ferrera, such as the tours through different slopes to reach El Monteixo and La Pica d’Estats summits. The valley mountain guides will advise and guide during the tour.

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Snowshoes hiking tours:

The cross-country skiing resort of Bosc de Virós offers the possibility to rent your snowshoes and go hiking from this place. and

Cross-country skiing

Bosc de Virós or also


Alpine skiing